A complete reference solution from Bsquare that enables vertical mobile computing

With the recent trend towards rugged industrial tablets, OEMs are looking for a combined hardware and software solution with which to create a portfolio of devices that share common applications, user experiences, device management and security.

Bsquare MobileV offers a robust, production-ready platform running on the Intel® Atom™ Z3745 processor (previously known as “Bay Trail”) and Windows Embedded 8.1 that reduces time to market, development risk and cost, while allowing OEMs to focus on their value-added features and functionality.

MobileV provides a common reference platform for OEMs building multiple mobile device form factors to include durable and rugged class handhelds and industrial tablets. The solution includes cutting-edge Intel board reference designs plus Bsquare MobileV UX software.

MobileV Solution Components

The MobileV platform combines cutting-edge Intel mobile board reference designs from Aava Mobile, a global leader in tablet and handheld design, along with support for the leading OS platforms for mobile devices plus the ability to differentiate user experiences with MobileV UX software from Bsquare.

Hardware Design File Package

The Aava Mobile hardware design file package includes all the necessary design files and documentation (BOM, schematics and layout files) to manufacture a printed wire board (PWB) based on the Intel Atom Z3745 quad-core processor. The design leverages superior performance of the Intel Atom processor, Aava’s deep mobile device design expertise and all the capabilities of next generation hardware with state-of-the-art wireless  communications and long battery life.

Support for Leading Mobile OS Platforms

MobileV includes OS and driver support from leading mobile OS platforms including Microsoft Windows Embedded 8.1. and Android 4.4.  Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro delivers the power, familiarity and reliability of the Windows OS with flexibility for the advanced industry devices and solutions. Windows  Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro can be customized, offering rich user experiences, more security and utilization of enterprise grade features.  For OEMs anticipating the next generation of OS platforms, the development roadmap for MobileV includes support for Windows 10 IoT and Android 5.0.

Bsquare MobileV UX Software

Bsquare MobileV UX extends the hardware reference design with an application layer that solves the dilemma of legacy app migration to new platforms and smaller mobile form factors.  MobileV UX delivers a consistent user experience across multiple mobile device form factors (for example, 5″, 8″ and 10″ devices) and simplified app launching for rugged use case scenarios.

Watch the September 2015 Bsquare/Intel Joint Webinar for MobileV

Listen to the Webinar presented by David Pollon of Bsquare and Ron Eccleston of Intel that discusses the looming migration challenge for industry mobile devices. This link will connect you to an on-demand session where you will be asked to provide contact information prior to viewing.

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